Complete Project MANAGEMENT


  • This service is for those who have concerns about their ability to deliver the project on-time and on-budget. We will take complete control of the project for you and manage everything up until the issue of titles.  This option removes the risk of making costly mistakes on your subdivision. 

  • Subdivision Perth have years of experience carefully managing our clients subdivision developments. Want to know how Complete Project Management works? Want to know what the Land Surveyor / Project Manager does on your behalf and the pros & cons of this approach. Keep Reading Below!


  • Start Off Meeting

  • Project Contour Survey

  • Subdivision Design Calculations

  • Council Research & Due Diligence

  • Project Timeline to client

  • Cost Feasibility (once engaged only)

  • Trade Selection & Insurance Check

  • Project Co-ordination & Strategy

  • Project Risk / Overspend Analysis

  • Multiple site visits for trade work Compliance Checking.

  • Application Paperwork

  • Interpretation of your WAPC conditions and advice (to client) in how you clear these

  • conditions.

  • Apply for your Western Power & Water Corporation agreements & new connections.

  • Survey Pegging of your block.

  • Draft & Lodge your subdivision plan at Landgate.

  • Apply for your clearances with Western Power / Water Corp / Local Government

  • Submit your clearances to the WAPC

  • Deal with Settlement Agent leading up to application for your new titles.

  • Deliver new Title Deeds to client

  • Meet client for final Discussion & Feedback


  • Sit back and wait until your subdivision is delivered on time and on budget!

  • Start speaking to Real Estate agents in your neighbourhood and begin the process of "selling off plan" while we finalise the process.


  1. Much quicker delivery for your new titles meaning a quicker sale of land.

  2. (Zero Risk Potential) liability falls on us to ensure everything goes smoothly.


  1. More expensive than our “Client Managed Subdivision” option.

  2. Less involvement from client means less experience in “how to subdivide”

  3. You have less control in decision making process as we need to have 100% control.