From start to finish, Subdivision Perth will manage and guide you through the subdivision process.

Comprehensive project management for your Perth subdivision by qualified and experienced land surveyors.

Subdivision Perth have helped manage many subdivisions in W.A. We apply our industry and local knowledge experience on projects of all sizes and complexity.

Our experience & knowledge will enable us to find effective solutions for challenging problems. We will streamline & simplify the subdivision process for you. We offer two different levels of service to help our clients meet their objectives :



You are the Project Manager and you are in full control of the project from a contractor engagement and project timeline perspective.

This service is the most common method of subdivision that we undertake. Our typical client for this is mum's and dad's doing their first subdivision and want to gain experience.


This option is also much cheaper than our other “Complete Project Management” option as you are doing the more time- consuming tasks in dealing with trades & project delivery.

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We will take complete control of the project for you and manage everything up until the issue of your new titles.

You can put your feet up and rest easy knowing that the Subdivision

Professionals with years of experience are carefully managing and monitoring your project day by day.  


So, how does “Complete Project Management” work? What are the pros & cons of using this type of service over the client managed subdivision?

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