Owner - Managed 



  • This service is the most common method of subdivision that we undertake.  As the title suggests, you as the owner are the Project Manager here. You are in full control of the project from a contractor engagement and project timeline perspective.

  • This option is also cheaper than doing Complete Project Management  as you are doing the more time-consuming tasks in dealing with trades & project delivery. Want to understand how the Client Managed option works? Keep Reading Below!



  • Project Contour Survey

  • Subdivision Design Calculations

  • Application Paperwork

  • Council Research & Due Diligence

  • Interpretation of your WAPC conditions and advice (to client) in how you clear these conditions.

  • Apply for your Western Power & Water Corporation agreements & new connections.

  • Survey Pegging of your block.

  • Draft & Lodge your subdivision plan at Landgate.

  • Apply for your clearances with Western Power / Water Corp / Local Government

  • Submit your clearances to the WAPC

  • Deal with Settlement Agent leading up to application for your new titles.


  • Approve Surveyors Subdivision Design

  • Pay WAPC Fees

  • Engage Trades

  • Ensure Compliance of Trades On-Site work.

  • Organise Timing & Scheduling of Trades

  • Pay required Statutory Fees

  • Engage Settlement Agent


  1. Huge cost savings for the client through self-management

  2. More experienced gained through “hands on” approach
  3. You are in control and decide which trades to be used.
  4. You are the Project Manager.


  1. You are 100% responsible for the subdivision as project manager.

  2. The project generally takes much longer to complete when client managed.

  3. Overspending through mis-understanding of subdivision requirements.