General Costs 

On every project we try do as little as possible to make your new lots comply with WAPC requirements. This will keep your $$ costs down. When considering all the costing options it is important to realise there are a variety of things that may increase costs depending on the project.


As each local government has different requirements you will also need to consider the need for some of the following things. Some options are very broad in cost and hard to detail here (Varies):


  • Outdoor Living Areas - Varies

  • Basic Site Clear / Raked Lot to 600mm ($5000 - $7000)

  • New Crossover $2500

  • New Driveways - Varies

  • Undercover Parking - Varies

  • Public Open Spaces Contributions - Up to $10,000 or more.

  • Soak Wells for Battle Axe Lots $1500

  • Fencing e.g 24m $2800

  • Cutting Back Rooflines for Battle Axe Road Access - Up to $7000


Keep in mind also we have not discussed government tax fees on sale of land which your accountant or bank will discuss with you directly. Please visit the below link for more information on this process.


Subdivision Government Tax Information


NOTE - Please also keep in mind that each block will present its own challenges sloping blocks that may require earthworks or retaining to ensure local government compliance.