Subdivision Process WA

If you’re a first-time developer embarking on your very first project, there’s a lot to take in. Unless you have an experienced surveying company or town planning specialist to work alongside you, it’s a challenge to figure out the complex regulations laid out by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) in relation to Perth subdivision. 

The information in the below drop down menus is designed to introduce you to the WAPC planning process using the example of a residential two-lot subdivision. It will show you what to expect as we at Subdivision Perth work through the process with you every step of the way.

The information we provide is a general guide. It is essential that you discuss the details of your subdivision with your property surveyor to ensure full compliance. 

Congratulations on your first development, and happy reading!

Disclaimer: This text is a general summary of the WA subdivisions process, and not to be acted on without full consultation with your surveyor concerning the requirements of your project. No responsibility is accepted by land surveyors Zenith Surveying Pty Ltd (Subdivision Perth) for any subdivision carried out by persons who refer to this document at any stage, in any way.