Types of Subdivision

in Perth



Side by Side Green Title Subdivision is the preferred method of subdivision in Western Australia. The reason for this is generally because people like to have their own street frontage and their own service connections.

A Green Title Lot, also known as a Freehold Lot, refers to land or lots that generally have no common areas or services needing to be shared. This means you own the title of the land on which your home stands, including all of its services.

The reason it's often referred to as 'green title' is simply because the sketch on the certificate of title used to be shaded in a green colour. Most stand-alone homes in WA are Green Title, so your average house on a suburban street is likely to be Green Title. 

Be mindful that subdividing under green title can be more expensive than doing survey strata especially if you have to do a sewer extension to service a new lot. Speaking with your surveyor about the best option is strongly advised before you rush headlong into a process that potentially blows your budget. 

Speak with us today about the best option for side by side green title subdivision to ensure your new lots will comply with the residential design codes ensuring your subdivision gets approved at the WAPC.